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This is Kei a multi-purpose bot with a bunch of commands a unique commands this bot has Moderation,Fun,Econnomy,Utility and more.


kei use / for music (customizable)
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Added chat bot back

I re-added chat bot since a lot of people wanted it back to activate it just @mention the bot


Moderation Having problem managing your server? Well, we have Moderation commands to make up for that. Kick, Ban, Mute, all in 1 click!

Anime With many anime sources to pull from, search your favorite anime, manga characters, and even memes about them!

Action Supplied with action commands such as pat, kiss, and hug to spice up the chat environment more!

Setup With wide variety of features, such as anime announcements, it has been made easy to integrate these in your server with my setup commands!

Core Core commands are also here, which are filled with commands about Kei! Dont forget to spam that one LMAO.

Music Music commands with almost everything also soundcloud accessibility Kei's music is know for its great music quality search up any song on youtube or soundcloud

and many more join support server for support.


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