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The most useful and easy-to-use Discord bot you'll ever need! Custom Commands | Moderation | Leveling & more!


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The only utility bot you'll ever need

DisStreamBot has all the features you would ever need like the best logging out there, versatile custom commands, and leveling. Managing your server and engaging your members has never been easier.

Manage the bot on your server at https://www.disstreamchat.com.

default commands

  • help - get help on what commands are available to you
  • userinfo - get the info about a user in the server
  • ping - ping the bot
  • commands - manage custom commands
  • rank - get a users rank in the server
  • leaderboard - get a link to leaderboard for the server
  • purge - mass delete messages from a channel
  • serverinfo - get information about the current server
  • roleinfo - get information about a specific role

Available features

  • Custom Commands - both commands that respond with text and command that toggle roles
  • leveling - add leveling to your server, more features are in development
  • Logging - many events are available to logged in a very verbose way, more events are in development
  • Reaction Roles - the ability to give and remove roles via reactions is almost finished

In Development features

  • Moderation - automod features and custom moderation commands
  • Polls - holding polls within your server have never been easier
  • Giveaways - hosting giveaways within your server have never been easier
  • Music - the music bot plugin will be Feature filled and easy to use
  • Stream Notifications - Twitch stream notifications will be available for you and your streamer friends

Getting help and giving Feedback

We would appreciate any feedback in reviews or on discord. If something doesn't work please let us know on discord so we can fix it.

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