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Press the button, get a timestamp from when the button was last pressed. Higher time = higher scores. Compete with your friends.






Notice: Discord has a 100 server limit for new bots and requires verification afterwards. Discord only sends the verification request once you hit 75 servers. We hit 75 servers on May 23rd and then hit the 100 server limit on the 24th to give perspective on how fast it's been growing. I've been in contact with Discord and I'm doing everything I can to get this bot verified ASAP. Please don't one star because you're not able to add it. I don't have much say in this.

Welcome to "Button Bot!". An all new original and addicting game for Discord!

The objective of the game is to level up and rank up against your friends. Attain the highest ranks and show off your stats!

Recommended: For servers with at least 3 people. It is possible to play alone or with just one other friend but the game is way more interesting and fun with more people to compete with. The more players the better!

How to Play

🔹 Earn XP with !b press and !b collect.

🔹 Pressing the button will return a timestamp from when the button was last pressed by anyone on the server. Higher time = Higher score = More XP.

🔹 Earn high scores and rank up on your server with your friends.

🔹 Use !b rank to compare your stats with other players. Check your progress with !b stats

🔹 Earn daily rewards with !b daily

🔹 Increase your XP Multiplier with !b reset to get ahead!

🔹 Gamble Mana with !b roll

There are many other commands/features such as Admin gamerule customization, cosmetics, Time bonuses and many more!

Visit https://buttonbot.net for more info on gameplay and commands!

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