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Hello there! My name is Isabelle and I'll be helping you keep track of Island visitors. Here's a list of things I can do: [!visit add]: You can use this command to record that you have a particular visitor day! I'll send you a post with some reactions on, you just have to hit the react to match your visitor and I'll take care of the rest! [!visit add <name/emoji>]: If you want to be a bit speedier, you can just write down the name of your visitor and I'll add whatever you write verbatim to my list! I know we've just met, but I feel like I can trust you not to make me write anything inappropriate. [!visit check]: You can use this command to ask me who is visiting who, I'll show you everyone from this server who's in my list for the day. [!vist help]: Use this command to call me back to explain this again. I'm always happy to help!

I'm also temporarily filling in for my friend Joan, who is a bit unwell at the moment. I'll let her give you a rundown of what she can do:

	Hello deary! It's good ol' Joan here. What with my trick knees, unfortunately I can't visit your lovely islands right now, so my dear sweet Daisy Mae has set me up with this new-fangled ''Discord'' thing so as I can help you keep track of your friends' turnip prices.
	Here are some of the tricks ol' Joan's got in her:
	[!nips]: Add your turnip prices for the day to ol Joan's list.
	[!nips check]: Have yourself a wee gander at ol' Joan's list for today.
	[!nip clear]: Added some prices you didn't mean to? Joan's got yer back, lovey. Just call this to clear your nip prices for today.
	[!nips help]: Call me back in to walk you through this again!

Okay, that's everything... Thanks for listening~

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