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A Fun little bot that has moderation tools, utility commands, and fun commands! MoDo is updated every day!


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MoDo, the last bot you'll need

What is MoDo?

MoDo is a simple discord bot that has many features and commands, each command is simple to use and is mainly self-explanatory.

Commands, Features and Types


  • Moderation
  • Utility
  • Fun
  • Music (Rate Limited)
  • Economy
  • Phone
  • Configuration
  • Other


1. Moderation

ban, clear, hardban, kick, mute, softban, tempban, tempmute, unban, unmute

2. Utility

afk, avatar, botinfo, calc, editsnipe, giverole, nick, poll, removerole, serverinfo, setslow, snipe

3. Fun

8ball, cat, clyde, coinflip, cookie, dadjoke, decode, dog, embed, encode, fail, fast, flashbang, google, hit, howhot, imgquote, imgur, meme, number, rockpaperscissors, tpose, typingtest, weather, wot, tweet, love, facepalm, rank

4. Music (Rate Limited)

join, leave, play, stop

5. Economy

addmoney, pay, daily, balance, bank, removemoney, work

6. Phone

phonecall, phonebook, setphonechannel, hangup

7. Configurations

badwordfilter, configurations, customcommamd, invitefilter, leavemsg, logging, setprefix, welcomemsg, enablexp, disablexp

8. Other

allcmd, links, ping, report, say, setup, shutdownrequest, suggest, uptime, vote, help

If you are confused about a command

Do m-help <command name / alias / type> in a discord chat!


MoDo has a lot of features, such as a configurable welcome message, leave message, invite filter, profanity filter, logging, leveling, economy, calling other servers, and even custom commands!

Some of the features it has

  • Logging, MoDo logs a lot of stuff, such as: Invite creation, role creation, new member, etc.
  • Welcome and Leave messages, You can turn on auto roles, and a welcome message for people when they join the server, and the same when people leave!
  • Custom Commands, MoDo has configurable custom commands where you can do something like m-hi and itll say hello! back!
  • Profanity Filter, MoDo has a profanity filter, its just the basic profanity filter but you can add your own custom words!
  • Invite filter, If this is set to on it will detect and delete any discord invites!
  • Phone calls, You can now call other servers! Just set the phone channel and do m-phonebook to see the numbers!
  • Economy, MoDo Also now has a economy! Do you're daily chores and go work hard to earn some money!
  • Leveling, MoDo has just came out with a leveling system! Its pretty simple, level up by being active and sending messages!

Thanks for looking at my bot, and remember, it only takes 6 clicks to invite him!

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