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This bot is for the tab directors and debaters to make managing online debate tournaments easier.


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TabbyBot is the first ever virtual assistant tab director made using the new Tabbycat API. This bot is for the tab directors and debaters to make tabbing online tournaments more easier. It basically syncs your tournament discord guild with the TabbyCat tab-system and give various automation features. It can create venues and do magic in any server, no template required! (Forked from BubunBot and upgraded later). The bot requires Tabbycat version 2.4 or later.

Get Tabbycat here:


BASICS (To use these commands, the guild must be synced with a Tabbycat tournament)

~ register : Registers you for the tournament and synceds you with the tab and gives you appropriate roles ~ ?register <8 digit identification key>

~ checkin : Checkin to the tab for the current round

~ checkout : Checkout yourself if you are going to be AFK

~ feedback : Submit feedback on adjudicators ~ ?feedback <@Mention adj> ~ IE: ?feedback R2 @tasdidtahsin 9

~ motion : Get motion for any round ~ ?motion

~ status : Shows the server status when it is synced with the Tabbycat


~ undeafen : Undeafens server deafend users ~ ?undeafen @Mention

~ unmute : Unmutes server muted users ~ ?unmute @Mention

~ announce : ?announce "ANNOUNCEMENT IN THE QUOTES" ~ Announces a message to all the debate text channel. Requires user to have MANAGE MESSAGES PERMISSION.


~ sync : Syncs the guild with the tabbycat site ~ ?sync <TABBYCAT_SITE_URL> <API_TOKEN> ~ IE: ?sync 2389cj3n5y893u492cium81389vn189vu89 "You can get the token from the Get API Token / Change Password Menu of the Tabbycat site home page"

~ delete-data : Delete all the data from the database synced with the guild ~ ?deleta-data YES I AM 100% SURE


~ create : ?create <BP/AP/APBP> ~ Creates venues an required roles for debates. Reqires user to have ADMINISTRATOR PERMISSION ~ IE: ?create 8 BP will create 8 rooms for BP debate. Use AP for 3v3, BP for British Parliamentery, BPAP for Hybrid Venues. This command also creates @Debater and @Adjudicator roles itself if those are not already created. The venues are only accessable by those two roles and admin.

~ destroy : ?destroy YES I AM 100% SURE ~ Requires user to have ADMINISTRATOR PERMISSION, destroys all rooms, in case you do something wrong while creating the venues


~ about : Know more about the bot and the team

Use ? or mention @TabbyBot before all commands

Developed by : Tasdid Tahsin [tasdidtahsin#7276]
Project Mentor : Étienne Beaulé [Étienne#7236]
Credits : Irhum [adorablemonk#4060] & Najib Hayder [Najib#7917]

<> Coded in Python3 using Tabbycat API v1, & MongoDB

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