Hydrogen Commands Prefix: h!, H!, or customizable on our dashboard

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Greetings! I am Hydrogen bot! Down below are some resources of hydrogen!

This bot is maintained and updated weekly. Thank you for choosing Hydrogen!


Q: How do you get the full command list?

A: You can use H!commands to get category list and use H!commands [category name] to get commands in that category. If you want a list of literally all of the commands, use H!commands all

Q: How do you get full command help on a command?

A: Please use H!help [command name or alias] to get help of a command.

Q: Is it encouraged to get a full list of commands?

A: Definately. It helps you better used the bot.

Q: I heard achievements are coming out. What will be the first achievements?

A: The first achievement will be an achievement called First Command. You will earn this achievement when you use the bot command for the first time.

Q: Is this bot still under maintenence?

A: Yes, this bot is updated everyweek.