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You love jojo ? well i made a jojo's bizzares adventure gacha themed discord bot ! It keep getting updates so join us!


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The One and only Jojo's gacha bot

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avatar of stfu requiem
stfu requiem 1 month ago

I reckon you raided my server and posted Svastika and called me gay right ? I am going to ignore this.

Replying to Risotto Nero

avatar of stfu requiem
stfu requiem 2 months ago

Working on the bot availability , sorry for the inconvenience.

Replying to mÊm tRúA

avatar of Alex_
Alex_ 1 month ago

lol hes a copycat pfu

avatar of stfu requiem
stfu requiem 1 month ago

Please refer a copypasta from who ?

Replying to Alex_

avatar of 2easy4me
2easy4me 26 days ago

How can you beat Notorious B.I.G? Because he is immortal xD


avatar of Plazma
Plazma 25 days ago

its a little glichy but its preety good


avatar of Hax
Hax 29 days ago

why i type .ad or .vote but nothing happen ._.


avatar of ikrus
ikrus 10 days ago

Really fun and easy to catck, although sometimes it bugs as offline and it stops working in fights mostly.I think the only thing it needs to improve it's the fighting system, but a really good bot for jojo-fans, I hope it gets better overtime and ends up being bug-free.Simply great!


avatar of Ashes
Ashes 1 month ago

just dio bot rip off smh

avatar of stfu requiem
stfu requiem 1 month ago

The bot was created before I knew dio bot existed ^^ But this is fair I've work to different myself from it !

Replying to Ashes

avatar of Anto
Anto 27 days ago

Well i like this bot is pretty cool


avatar of Polaredge
Polaredge 24 days ago

All stands included pls, would make game alot funner, maybe some added features to make it much easier to understand and and inventory with more than 3 slots