PokéHunt let players catch, level-up and battle their favorite pokémons exactly like pokecord!


.start [starter] Let you choose your starter pokemon.
.catch {pokemon} Let you catch the spawn pokemon.
.hint Get the hint of pokemon that is spawned.


.pokemon [page] Get info. of pokemons you have catched
.select [number] Select pokemon you have catched from your inventory
.dex [name] Get information of any pokemon from pokedex


.daily Get your daily balance
.bal Check your balance
.donate [amount] Donate money to someone else
.redeem [pokemon/credits] Redeem pokemon or credits using redeem cards


.trade (User) Send a trade request to user
.a or .confirm Accept the trade (both traders must do this)
.p remove number or .p add number Add or remove a pokemon
.c remove amount or .c add amount Add or remove credits
.r remove amount or .r add amount Add or remove redeems
.trade View the current trade
.cancel Cancel the trade


.settings prefix [prefix] Change the prefix
.settings redirect [#channel] Redirect spawns to different channels
.ping Check the ping of bot
.invite Invite the bot
.botinfo Get info. of bot
.help Get the information of all commands of bot