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Bid on player-owned auctions for Karuta cards! Check out the global market where anyone can easily buy/sell cards!

KaruMart is a 3rd party auction bot designed to hold auctions in a style similar to Karuta's black market. It also host a market where players can buy cards at a set price without needing to search for and trade with other players directly.

Many new players ask how to put their cards into the black market, unaware that the cards there are from blacklisted users. However, with this bot anyone can submit their card to be held in a black market style auction or be put onto a global market! Use phelp to get started and view the list of commands.

This bot is still in beta development We will be working on this very frequently, so expect plenty of updates in the future. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask us in the support server!

What KaruMart can do

  • Allow anyone to add a card to the queue for auctions
  • Users can bid on those auctions
  • Receive the card when a user wins
  • Convert quick, easily and securely between Gems and Tokens
  • Add cards to a global market that can be viewed from anywhere
  • Purchase cards from the market without the need of trading

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FritzBitz 13 days ago

I dont see any other reviews But its good I promise