Poke Gal

Catch, train or fight with Pokemon while chatting with your friends!

Created By: Alex_# 8083

What is Poke Gal?

Poke Gal allows a player to catch Pokémon!

But Poke Gal offers more if you want!

Poke Gal gives you the opportunity to register yourself, get your bank account created and rewards you a free start Pokémon simply by doing p register!

You can also train your Pokémon! Get the unique ID of your pokemon (with p pokemon or after you catch it) and use p train POKEID. Congratulations, you just made your Pokémon follow you and gain XP via chatting and catching Pokémon! After it reaches a certain level, many Pokémon will also evolve!

QUICK START for Admins

After inviting the Bot to your server, a message will tell you what to do.

You can manually block a channel for Poke Gal with p disable or p disableall for each channel.

You can also redirect every spawn in a specific channel with p spawnchannel CHANNELNAME keep in mind, that if you disabled that channel, Poke Gal will still ignore this channel.

QUICK START for Players

Something spawned (- Each sent message has a chance to spawn pokemon)! Catch it with p catch POKENAME (It accepts English and German Names - and a few french names).

If you want to catch it and you can't remember the name just use p hint and a hint will tell you the name (5s Cooldown - Each use shows you one more letter).

Pro Tip: After you catch a Pokémon you want to keep, type p fav POKEID to favorite it

And the last step: Enjoy the bot, the server and be friendly with everyone!


Level your pokemon with p train. Teach them attacks with p teach. Sell them on the p market or fight with them using p fight wild or p fight player @mention!