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ScrumpBot is a heavily customizable Giveaway, Emotion posting & general-purpose Discord bot (with invite tracking). Used by 250,000+ people.


k! & custom (k!setprefix)
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Giveaway Creation Feature

As of today there is now a giveaway creation system! To create a giveaway, use the "k!gstart" command, from there you will be asked a series of simple & easy to understand questions to allow for a very intuitive and easy-to-use custom giveaway setup!


Kumori Kumori

User Captcha Verification

k!verify - Start the verify process
k!verifyrole @role - Set the servers verify role.
k!verifylog #channel - Set the verification log channel.

Giveaway Commands

Giveaway System

k!gstart - Start a giveaway! Includes role & server requirements.
k!greroll id - Reroll the giveaway winners.
k!gend id - End a giveaway instantly.

Awesome Features

k!steal :emoji: - Steal an emoji from a server and have it automatically added to your server!
k!steal-these :emoji1: :emoji2: :emoji3: etc... - Steal multiple emojis at once!
k!voicerole @role - Setup a role that's given to users when they join a voice call & removed once they leave.
k!inviteinfo @user - Display invite information about a user.
k!unread #channel - Make the bot automatically mark that channel as unread.
k!pingjoin #channel - Make the bot ping all new users in a specified channel (deletes messages after sending).

Standard Features

k!disable command - Disable a command from being used.
k!enable command - Enable a previously disabled command.
k!enlarge :emoji: - Enlarge an emoji!
k!userinfo @user - See some information about a user.
k!avatar @user - Enlarge a users avatar.
k!setprefix newprefix - Change the bots prefix to your liking.
k!ping - See the bots ping.

Action / Emotion Commands

k!clap @user
k!dance @user
k!laugh @user
k!shrug @user
k!run @user
k!pout @user
k!cry @user
k!sleepy @user
k!bonk @user
k!bite @user
k!handshake @user
k!choke @user
k!spank @user
k!cuddle @user
k!headpat @user
k!hug @user
k!kill @user
k!kiss @user
k!lick @user
k!poke @user
k!punch @user
k!slap @user
k!stare @user
k!tickle @user
k!wave @user
k!handhold @user
k!kabdeon @user
k!boop @user

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