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Infinity BOT is a Hyro Bot new version! New modern design and more! This bot has moderation, fun, utilities and more commands! This bot doesnt has dashboard :( This bot has better serverinfo and userinfo!

If you would also like to learn the basics of programming, just come to the support server.


  • Custom Prefix
  • Custom Language
  • Custom Command [BETA]
  • Logging
  • Giveaways
  • And More

By: hyro with love <3

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avatar of Reader
Reader 2 months ago

I use Mr. Infinity for quite a long time and I must say that I did not notice a single copied feature. The Develoer bot works hard and will definitely support them with a donate to buy a better machine. I'm glad that such good bots haven't died out yet. I hope you are already working on the dashboard as you said. Then the bot will get a whole new breath and I will definitely recommend it. Well thank you.


avatar of Bojovník Gardy
Bojovník Gardy 2 months ago

hello, this is the best shoe on the cz / sk scene of the developer I know and he is a fair person and that shoe can do a lot of things and has a good design ... great! Guardian Warrior


avatar of Izuku
Izuku 2 months ago

This is good bot :) I using


avatar of Morvicek
Morvicek 2 months ago

BEST BOT JUST INVITE THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


avatar of Trio
Trio 2 months ago

Best i using for fun and more commands :)


avatar of Qxy
Qxy 1 month ago

I using this bot with Blob Radio :D Good!


avatar of rrrrr
rrrrr 2 months ago

Good bot! use


avatar of Zurikas
Zurikas 1 month ago

Good bot i using for my giveaway server (nuke command :D)


avatar of Koblížek<3
Koblížek<3 28 days ago

Im using mr. Infinity in all my servers! Its very nice bot with all cmds that i need.