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Cool Animal Crossing Themed Bot To Manage Your Server And Have Fun With!

Created By: Avatar of opticrambo opticrambo# 2020

Bob Bot is a bot that not only has heaps of fun commands to play with but he also has commands that give you more power over your sever with commands such as Kick, Ban, Purge Chats, Get a members user info and much more

To Get A List Of All Commands Please Visit The Website http://www.bobbot.xyz/

A few commands are:

  1. bob, animalcrossing
  2. bob, bob
  3. bob, meme
  4. bob, goose
  5. bob, meow
  6. bob, woof

(And Many More)


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avatar of Geo The Epicc
Geo The Epicc 9 days ago

The only problem is that NO ONES AROUND TO HELP


avatar of Jeff Pirado
Jeff Pirado 8 days ago

o bot so fica off