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A feature rich bot for all your discord server needs! Includes Fun roleplay commands, Utility, Moderation, Music, Giveaways, and many more!


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Customize prefix with ,config prefix <your_prefix here>

Fun, Image, Actions (role-play) and Meme-gen!

  • Create your very own fun memes with our image generation commands
  • Smart chatbot which can be enabled in a specific channel!
  • Assortment of fun commands to try out with your friends!
  • Play Truth or Dare, Never-Have-I-Ever which includes over 1500 questions combined!
  • Plethora of Actions commands like slap, wave, hug etc...

Pwetzel includes an amazing Applications system!

  • Create multiple application forms at once with optional role requirements to apply!
  • Respond to user's DMs quickly with built-in response commands!
  • Create your own tags/ commands for your server!
  • You can create upto 25 custom commands for your server!
  • You can limit these to a specific channel and role

Utility commands & Moderation system with unique commands!

  • Pwetzel got you covered for all your discord server moderation needs!
  • Includes the usual commands like kick, ban, mute, slowmode etc..
  • Unique commands like tlock which can lock the channel for a specific role in a specified time.
  • Global AFK system!
  • Resize images!
  • Reveal deleted and edited messages!
  • Create custom embeds with a single command!
  • Simple warning system.

Giveaways system!

  • Easily start, end or reroll giveaways!
  • Create giveaway drops where first to react wins!
  • Optional role requirements to enter!
  • Bot sends DM to host with the list of winners when giveaways ends!
  • Bot DMs winners!


  • Guess-number and Guess-emoji commands specifically made for server events! (Automatically unlocks and locks the channel for you)
  • Play Connect-Four and Tic-Tac-Toe with yourself or friends!
  • Includes many more fun mini-games

Fun Economy system!

  • Earn money with variety of commands!
  • Includes shop with various items.
  • Rob users with option to disable for your server!
  • Slots and gamble your coins!
  • Earn XP to gain multiplier for better gamble results
  • Many more updates coming to our economy system soon!

Thats not all! We have over 220 commands for you to try out! Run ,help to get a list of all commands!

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