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An open source Discord bot made for voice channels.

Soundy was originally intended to be an open source and more private replacement for the bot "Snek" since we didn't trust the owner at that time but enjoyed using the bot. Eventually Soundy became a bot of its own.

Soundy wasn't really intended to be a public bot at first but then we thought "Why fu## not?" and thus Soundy made it to the public. The next day we were amazed, Soundy got invited to 150 servers in less than one day! But the bot wasn't built for handling so many servers and crashed often.

After a lot of bug fixing the bot didn't crash as often and is now very stable. But now it's hard to maintain and that's why the bot is getting rewritten! You can get updates in the support server.

We hope you enjoy Soundy as much as we did raising it :")

(By the way Snek is actually a very cool bot, you can check it out at

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