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A multi purpose bot for fun & to help staff aid in moderation


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Bot is currently going through a full re-write, please do not expect any new features in the time being until the full rewrite is done, for updates join the support server

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Proto is a discord bot with several features, to help staff in moderation or just have overall fun, Proto has almost everything you would need.

View the list of all commands by using ~help (if the guilds prefix is set to ~ of course (if you are unsure what the prefix currently is, ping the bot & it will respond))


  • 🛠️ Moderation commands with several features like warning users, changing the slowmode to a specific number & clearing the chat
  • 😄 Not a staff member? No problem! A lot of commands are also designed for regular/fun use.
    • an 8ball command to answer all your questions
    • Image manipulation commands, change the saturation, hue or just deepfry images.
    • Text mainpulation to create all sorts of messages, like zalgo, or w i d e
    • Urban dictionary search; look up any term on and get the definition for it.
  • 💸 A whole blown economy system
    • Get daily/weekly awards, work for money (& diamonds) to use them to purchase a vast variety of items from the shop, or just gamble all of your money...
  • ⭐Starboard
    • Starboard lets users from your community react to a message with the "⭐" emoji, and if it reaches the guilds specified star count, which can be set with the command '~star required <amount of stars>' the message will be sent to a channel, which can be set via '~star channel <channel>'
    • For posts that you'd like to be instantly sent to the starboard, without reaching the required star amount, you may run '~star force <messageid>'
  • 👋 Welcomer
    • Welcome new members to your server with a simple message, you can set where the welcome messages are sent, and what they say.
    • Theres also support for leave messages, so you know who left the serevr
    • Prefixes for welcome/leave messages
      • {user} // Mentions the user that joined/left the guild
      • {id} // Displays the users id that joined/left the guild
      • {guild} // Displays the current guilds name
      • {members} // Displays the current guilds member count

(Some commands may require you to vote on to be accessable)

A lot of commands are being added frequently, if you have any suggestions you may suggest them @ the support/community server available at

For any issues, join the server aswell.

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