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my name is Little son made by Mtechson#4811 to help otaku developer and discord user as I was first only anime bot but now I am multipurpose



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Early support

i will give early access role on the support server for the first 10 person join the server you will have [beta version] [you can add your own ideas and commands] [you can join us with our projects and become a partner if you want]

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Littl son

[Anime commands]

[Music 🎶 commands]

[Memes commands]

[search 🔎 commands]

[AI bot commands]

[Customize your bot ⛮]

here an example for bot website in iframe

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avatar of AS
AS 2 days ago

Good bot and I think it is fast developing one the developer always replys even in direct messages

avatar of littleson
littleson 2 days ago

Thank you for your rate i think i will try try to make the bot better

Replying to AS

avatar of fares abdo
fares abdo 2 days ago

This bot is very good and I think it will be better


avatar of darkplayer
darkplayer 2 days ago

the bot is okay i want to but need some improve i think i rate it with 4 stars cuz it needs more features

avatar of littleson
littleson 2 days ago

ah excuse me for that i will do my best to make the bot better

Replying to darkplayer