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Private Voice chat (Timed with Role requirement)



Personal Settings

New personal settings allow users to give access to their channel until they are manually removed via the command. When user's channel is created it allows the members that that the owner of the channel to join without having to add them every time. So say you have a few friends to play or talk with often to join without you needed to add them every time. New Commands: Allow Ex. -pPersonalSettings allow @user1 @user2 Deny Ex. -pPersonalSettings deny @user1 @user2

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Private Voice chat!

Private VC is a discord bot that allows Guild owners to allow people who boost their servers or friends to have their own discord channel that is timed so it wont fill up their discord servers with channels. It allows you to set a time limit on how long the channel will last and how many people will be able to join it. Its constantly being worked on and much more to add. Currently Private VC only has one feature letting people have their own discord channel to stream, talk, chill, and play games with friends.

There are two ways to create a channel, You can do it via the command create. Or if you set the bot up the option Join a channel to create Private Room, You can make it so they have to join a channel to make a private room.


Command Description Usage example
Help Shows help menu and can help you with other commands -Help -Help AutoSetup
Setup Allows you to setup the roles and channels -Setup
Settings Allows you to change anything you need be it the role you need to make a private room or the timelimit on a room -Settings [option] [option2] -settings privaterooms true
Create Creates a private room for you if you have the required role -Create
Delete Deletes your private channel -Delete
Allow Allows users to join your private rooms -Allow @user -Allow @user1 @user2 @user3
Remove Removes users access to join your private rooms -Remove @user -Remove @user1 @user2 @user3
time Shows you the remaining time on your private channel -Time -Time
PersonalSettings User's personal settings for allowing users without having to add them every time they make a new channel -PersonalSettings -PersonalSettings allow @user1 @user2

Find a bug, Please report it to iDisappointment#5277

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