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A brand new TinyMafia™ bot. You can play TinyMafia™ games on discord with your server members.


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What's the Prefix? It's - (dash)

Which bot is this ?

  • A brand new discord bot for playing old classic mafia games.
  • Play with your guild members.
  • It's simple, its fun, and hence the name is TinyMafia™.

What it does ?

  1. Maintains guild member queues for upcoming games.
  2. Administers gameplay in the guild.
  3. Communicates in-game messages to players.
  4. Logs individual gameplay stats.
  5. Displays top guild members with different filters.
  6. Facilitates bot currency.

How it does ?

  • help - Shows all the bot commands.
  • prefix - Change bot prefix for the guild.
  • game - Describes overall gameplay.
  • roles- Shows details for game roles, like Mafia, Doctor.
  • changes - Displays latest changes in the bot functionality.
  • me - Shows member profile details.
  • top - Displays current top members in the guild.
  • invite - Gives bot and support server invitation discord links.
  • Other commands: join, leave, party, start, stop, clear, balance, daily, beg, rich

How to get rewarded ?

  • vote command shows the bot voting link which rewards bot currency.
  • More rewards are coming soon.

How to show more love ♥️ ?

Anything missed ?

  1. Enable DM from guild members to receive bot messages.
  2. Admins can use initialize command to create a separate channel category and a (read-only) game log channel in your guild.
  3. Removing the bot will remove bot game data for all members of the guild.

Where to submit Issues, Feedback or Suggestions ?

  1. Join Official Support Server. Please check the invitation link on this page.
  2. Please submit bot review below (if there's a review option).

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