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Nyntex is a simple bot with simple command of various type. Made by dev from ❤️



Nyntex is an amazing bot for moderation and fun stuff. Here you get a some powerful modes. The prefix of the bot is n!. Moderation Command consist ban,kick,warn system,purge , mute command which are very useful and this bot has some action roleplay command like kiss , slap , dance , wave and many more . It also have a covid command which tells about the covid cases of the particular country . Well now coming to fun command bot have some normal fun command like gay rate , meme and much more. Coming to two special command that is clyde and pubg. Very rare bot have clyde command which guve your message in clyde image and pubg command is fight command yiu can use this by n!fight. This bot discord.js version is 12.2.0 and this bot is made on gltich.com . This bot is managed and owned by @ICX・S 2 K#6969

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Pratik 2 months ago

An amazing bot for moderation stuff and fun. The commands are very helpful and makes things easy.

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Nyntex 2 months ago

Thank :) Make sure to invite it :) and make you discord life easy

Replying to Pratik