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A multi-purpose bot can help you in moderation of your server, I have fun commands, get new memes and many more


ab. (customizable)
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  • ab.setprefix: Set a prefix for the bot
  • ab.addchanneltoarchive: Adds the channel to archive category
  • ab.lock: Will lock the channel for a specific role if entered else will lock for everyone role
  • ab.unlock: Unlocks the channel for the specified role if entered else will unlock for everyone role
  • ab.setslowmode: Sets a slowmode for the channel, time entered should be in seconds
  • ab.removeslowmode: Removes the slowmode from that channel
  • ab.delete: Deletes the entered amount of messages
  • ab.kick: Kicks the user from the server for the specified reason
  • ab.ban: Bans the user for the specified reason

  • Utility:-
  • ab.shorten: Shortens a url
  • ab.userinfo: Displays information for the mentioned user
  • ab.serverinfo: Displays information about the server
  • ab.avatar: Displays avatar of user

  • Fun:-
  • ab.tosscoin: Tosses a coin
  • ab.dice: Rolls a dice and gives you a number
  • ab.gayrate: Shows random gay percent for the user
  • ab.texttospeech: Convert the text enteres into voice
  • Gives you a meme picture
  • ab.generateavatar: Generates a random avatar for the name entered
  • ab.chatbot: Chat with bot
  • ab._8ball: Answers you for your 8ball qestion

  • Help:
    Category Help: <category>
    Command Help: <command>

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