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A big strong boy to protect your Discord server from raiders and spammers.


v! (changeable)
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Verifii Discord Bot

Hi, thanks for checking out our bot!

Verifii is a bot that will protect your server from raiders and spammers by prompting them to complete a captcha before entering your server.

Just about everything to do with Verifii is customizable! You can customize the prefix, verify channel, and unverified role.

These are the current commands available. Commands marked with a -- have a static prefix which can't be changed.


-- gimme!setup

-- gimme!settings

v!prefix [new prefix]

v!role [unverified role name]

v!verify [verify channel name]

Click here to view a YouTube tutorial or you can use the gimme!setup command to see it.

This bot does not DM users on join. It only mentions them in a text channel if you have a verify channel set up.

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