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Automatically publish messages in discord announcement channels






Why does this exist?

It's annoying to have to publish discord announcement channel messages by hand. Why would you do that, when you could have a bot do it for you! Our bot does just that, and simply publishes every message sent in an announcement channel to all following channels.

How do I setup the bot?

If you invite the bot, it's already setup! Your messages will be published from your announcement channels automatically so long as the bot keeps manage messages permissions in the channel.

How do I exclude a channel?

You can exclude a channel from being automatically published by adding {no_autopublish} to the topic. You can also exclude only bots by adding {no_autopublish:bots} to the topic, and exclude only humans by adding {no_autopublish:humans}

How do I exclude a single message?

Starting a message with => will stop it from being automatically published. Once you've sent it you can edit away the => if you'd like

The bot isn't working

Try publishing the message yourself. Often you'll be on a cooldown, at which point the bot won't be able to publish a message. (The limit is 10 messages per hour). Once the cooldown expires, we'll start publishing your messages again. If that doesn't seem to be the issue, make sure that we've got manage messages in the announcement channel, and that you're not disabling autopublishes in the topic.

I need more help

Join our support server or shoot us a support email at [email protected]

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