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Stratobot, A multipurpose discord bot!



Stratobot, A multipurpose discord bot!

It contains moderation, image generation, and biblical commands Some of these moderation commands are of course, kick, ban, nick, etc.... Some IMG-Gen are rickify, trumpify, water, emergency meeting, and many other memes... You can get famous for making this meme :OOO

Website: https://stratobot/ (not yet done)

Quickstart Guide:

(Invite ME to your guild! ) Change the prefix to what you like using prefix You're all set to go! Have fun! Help message is now done in embeds along with command list and command information. Updated the Stratobot invites which were previously not working. Added colors to the emojis command. Bot information links fixed.

About: Your man Ram (me) started Stratobot to learn coding but ended up turning into something absolutely incredible. I released it to the public, and learned from the steady growth that I was in the right direction and that the public had pretty good taste hehe. And so I continued to rock a service people loved and adored which turned into this bot of awesomeness before you! So far it's been a really fun solo project for me and I wishes to share that fun by allowing everyone to invite the bot to your server!

To make it even squeaky clean, the Stratobot bot has been rewritten for you to have the smoothest time generating pictures of cute dogs, memeing out, and staking your lives on a legit game of coin flip or rock, paper, scissors with your buddies! And yeah, it'll always stay up to date on those API switches!

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