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The original idea was only to add a reaction but now it has music, with *. Of course with full access to the music commands and much more






The bot will be up about 98.99% of the time. the server it's running off of right now is small, but it will get bigger the more people have this bot in there server. like i said the bot is still a work in progress but it work and i will be cotuing to add features. this is a fun bot i have been working on. If you need any help or want a feature for this bot please contact me in budds. if it's a good idea i will try my best to add it. it hase a file saving system right now, so if you do the prefix 'upload' then the file it will save it to the server and then you can retreve it later, and it has a buch of other fun commands too, and it's also a music bot too!

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