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Advanced AFK, Great Music, Easy Server Management, Custom Reactions, Starboard, Ultra Customizable Suggestions, Leveling, Sniping


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Yuno Gasаi

Yuno Gasаi

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Ever needed a way to have one bot do all the work instead of needing several bots for several things, well your dream has come true!

Meet Mewdeko, a multi-featured bot that will cover most of your needs with one bot!

What this bot offers:

The Most Customizable Suggestions Ever: Set different messages for when a suggestion gets sent, accepted, implemented, considereed and denied, as well as set up to 5 emotes to react with wehn a suggestion is sent!

An advanced AFK system: You can choose from three types of server wide afk, choose how long the timeout is and disable afk messages per channel! If you have a user that's abusing afk you can remove their afk using the afkrm command!

A Message Sniping System: You can snipe both edited and deleted messages!

A Currency System: Everything that comes standard with NadekoBot, and soon more!

A Music System: A High Quality, no stutter music module! It can play Spotify, Youtube, and Soundcloud! It can also play files you upload using the .URL command!

A Server Management System: Manage the banner, manage channel permissions, use role commands to set roles on people that have another role... manage emotes, the list goes on!

A Games System: Everything that comes standard with NadekoBot, more soon....

A Permissions System: Manage what users can use what commands, even disable entire modules!

A Starboard System: Set a channel as the starboard and set how many stars till it appears!

Logging of different types!

There is more to be discovered in this bot than I can list here, so invite this bot and check it out for yourself! Hope you like the work I've put in!

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