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Discord bot for fun, economy, mod commands, and server setup. Created on an Android smartphone and looks best on Discord mobile version


Server Count

Perseverance has landed!

-mars command updated to new color pictures from Perseverance.


Commands list:

Basic Commands

roll, ask, ping, invite, color or hex, whats, echo, markup, poll, id or block, spoiler or #, emojis, raffle, reinstall, joke, wiki, wiki (search), bored, cat, dog, fox

Space commands

potd, sat, mars

Time Commands

time, timezone, timezone set

Reminder Commands

reminder list, remimder (followed by a time in the format #d#h#m where # is a number for d(days), h(hours), m(minutes)
reminder 2d5h10m Message for reminder
rm 2h5m Times up
rm 5m Its been 5 minutes

Economy Commands

inventory, deposit, withdrawal, shop, buy, sell, compile, action, vote

Mod Commands

kick, ban, unban, purge, prefix, mute, unmute

Role Commands

role list, role create, role delete, role add, role remove, role color

Info Commands

info, info server, info bot

Server Setup Commands

setup roles Will create Verified, Moderator, Administrator and Muted roles with permissions in place for them.
setup categories Will create Welcome, Verified, Moderator, and Administrator categories and channels with set permissions for the roles created with the -setup roles command.
setup mute Will setup a mute role and create permissions for it, for use if you did not use the other setup commands
setup (category) After completing -setup roles you can also create more categories for the @verified, @moderator, or @admin roles. Use -setup verified #, -setup moderator # or -setup administrator # where # is an optional number of categories to create.

Please use setup roles first and setup categories second to set up a new server

If you forget your prefix or would prefer you can also mention the bot and give a command. Example:
@DrNezbot help

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