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A Multi-Purpose discord bot with Moderation,Music and Fun commands




Hi fellas....I am a Multi-Purpose Discord Bot with all kinds of features.Take me to your server and unveil the fun surprises i have to offer

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All kinds of random commands which keeps you occupied

Name Description Usage Example Aliases
Prefix To change the server prefix ;prefix [new prefix] ;prefix $ nil
Profanity To enable profanity check in a server ;profanity [enable/disable] ;profanity enable nil
Levelling To enable and disable levelling for a server ;levelling [enable/disable] ;levelling enable nil
Hello Bots introduction ;hello ;hello nil
Serverinfo To get general information about a server ;serverinfo ;serverinfo ;server & ;s_info
Userinfo To get information about a user ;userinfo [user] ;userinfo @BP ;user
Ping To know bot latency ;ping ;ping nil
Date To know current date ;date ;date nil
Day To know the day of the week ;day ;day nil
Calendar Shows you the calendar of that month ;calendar ;calendar nil
Weather To find the weather of a location ;weather [location] ;weather New York nil
Corona To know about corona cases in a country ;corona [country] ;corona india nil
Define To search for the meaning of a word ;define [word] ;define apple ;mean & ;dict
Google To search in google for results ;google [query] ;google discord ;g
Onthisday To know today's speciality ;onthisday ;onthisday ;otd
News To know what's happening around you ;news ;news nil
Wiki To get info from wikipedia ;wiki [query] ;wiki discord nil
Calculate To help you with maths ;calculate [expression] ;calculate 1+2-3 ;calc
Invite To add Sypher to your server ;invite ;invite nil
Suggest To let us know your suggestions.Your suggestion will be recorded at our server ;suggest [suggestion] ;suggest more games nil
Say To make the bot embed a message for you ;say [title] [description] ;say Sypher The best bot nil
Botinfo To get Sypher's Stats ;botinfo ;botinfo ;bot


Don't worry.I'll take care of your server when you are not around

With all the features to moderate your server

Name Description Usage Example Aliases
Clean To delete previous messages ;clean [limit] ;clean 2 ;del
Kick To kick members when necessary ;kick [user] [reason] ;kick @BP Rude nil
Ban To ban members when necessary ;ban [user] [reason] ;ban @BP Rude nil
Unban To unban members when necessary ;unban [username] ;unban BP#1234 nil
Mute To mute members when necessary ;mute [user] [reason] ;mute @BP Rude nil
Unmute To unmute members ;unmute [user] ;unmute @BP nil
Addrole To add a role to a member ;addrole [user] [role] ;addrole @BP @Member ;assign
Removerole To remove a role from a member ;removerole [user] [role] ;removerole @BP @Member ;derole
Roles To get a list of all the roles in a server ;roles ;roles nil
Level To know your current level in the server ;level ;level ;lvl
Rank To get the rank card of a user in a server ;rank [user] ;rank @BP nil
Leaderboard To fetch the servers levelling leaderboard ;leaderboard ;leaderboard ;score & ;leader & ;lb
Tempmute To temporarily mute members ;tempmute [user] [time] [reason] ;tempmute @BP 60s Spammig nil
Nuke To nuke a channel ;nuke ;nuke nil
Lock To lock a particular channel ;lock ;lock nil
Unlock To unlock a particular channel ;unlock ;unlock nil


Trust me when i say i am a fun guy

I come with all kinds of tricks to entertain you

Name Description Usage Example Aliases
Au Help you play among us with friends ;au ;au ;amongus
8ball Replies to random yes/no questions ;8ball [question] ;8ball Is Sypher the best ;will
Rps To play Rock-Paper-Scissors with the bot ;rps [choice] ;rps rock nil
Toss To toss a coin ;toss[number of coins] ;toss 3 nil
Roll To roll a die ;roll[number of dice] ;roll 3 nil
Meme To get random memes ;meme ;meme nil
Applause To applaud someone ;applause ;applause ;clap
Award To award a member ;award ;award ;prize
Img To search for an image ;img [search query] ;img dog nil
Youtube To search Youtube for videos ;youtube [search query] ;youtube discord ;yt
Poll To conduct a poll ;poll [argument] ;poll Is Sypher the best nil
Riddle To get riddles ;riddle ;riddle nil
Hangman To play hangman ;hangman ;hangman nil
Joke To entertain you with jokes ;joke ;joke nil
Urban To draw definitions from urbandictionary ;urban [word] ;urban apple nil
Textmojify To replace text with emojis ;textmojify [text] ;textmojify hello ;tem
Emoji To get the image of an emoji or to search for emojis ;emoji [emoji or emoji name] ;emoji 😁 nil
Ttt To play tic tac toe ;ttt ;ttt ;tictactoe
Mines To play minesweeper ;mines [columns] [rows] [bombs] ;mines 3 3 1 ;minesweeper
Roast To insult someone ;roast [user] ;roast @BP nil
Chat To interact with me ;chat [text] ;chat hey how are you ;s & ;speak


Music,Radio you name it

With all the commands to ensure a smooth streaming experience

Name Description Usage Example Aliases
Join When in a voice channel use this to have the bot join said voice channel ;join ;join ;j & ;connect
Leave When you want the bot to leave the voice channel ;leave ;leave ;l & ;dc & ;disconnect
Play To play music from Youtube ;play [music] ;play closer ;p
Radio1 To live stream Radio Mango ;radio1 ;radio1 nil
Radio2 To live stream Club FM ;radio2 ;radio2 nil
Radio3 To live stream Kiis FM ;radio3 ;radio3 nil
Radio4 To live stream Radio Disney ;radio4 ;radio4 nil
Radio5 To live stream Radio Paradise ;radio5 ;radio5 nil
Pause This will pause the playing audio ;pause ;pause nil
Resume This will resume paused audio ;resume ;resume nil
Stop This stops audio and clears the queue ;stop ;stop nil
Queue This displays the queue of songs ;queue ;queue ;q
Next To play the next song in queue ;next ;next ;skip
Clear This clears the queue ;clear ;clear nil
Remove To remove a song from queue ;remove [song position] ;remove 2 nil
Lyrics To get the lyrics of any song ;lyrics [song name] ;lyrics closer nil
Nowplaying To know the song thats currently playing ;nowplaying ;nowplaying ;np

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