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This Bot is all you need for your server with mod and fun commands, level and customizable auto- and joinroles.


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Guild limit is at full capacity

As the Bot can only join 250 guilds at a time until it gets verified it might be possible that you can't invite it to your guild at some points. The Bot is currently being reviewed for getting verified which means it hopefully won't take long until the limitation is getting removed, for all of you who want to invite the Bot but has to wait, I am sorry for this and I want to thank all of you for the massive support, the Bot Creator AllyourWaifus


This bot has an help command, Mod commands like ban, unban, kick, clear, clearall and funcommands like Waifu, husbando, punch, slap and many more to come. There is also a levelsystem for your level in the guild, global and the level of the server which get's higher by writing messages, there are customizable autoroles which you can earn after reaching a new level, too. Furthermore there is a customizable Joinrole which you get after joining aswell as a embed message when a member joins and leaves. There is also a command to report me ideas, problems and questions about the bot.

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