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A real toolkit for flight simmers ! Including Metar, Taf, airport info, takeoff runway calculation, unit converter, route maker and more !


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Airport WX BOT

The perfect bot for your flightsim experience ! 



This bot will provide you everything for realistic fligthsim experience, from decoded metars to route generator from more than 5400 charts, you will find everything you need. The discord has an active support, if you need something or want to suggest a new feature and even report a missing chart

All the commands (make you put the prefix before, dot by default)
Name Commands Uses
Metar metar <icao> Shows the metar for the requested icao
Taf Report taf <icao> Shows the taf report for the requested icao
Charts chart <icao> Gives you a link to the charts for a requested icao, if the chart is not avaible I will be advised and will try to add it.
Icao Info info <icao> Shows some info for the requested icao
Notams notams <icao> Shows the notams for the requested icao
Take off rwy calculation rwy <icao> Shows info on runways for the selected icao, it also calculates the landing and takeoff rwy
Aircraft Info aircraft <reg> Will return info on an airframe
Live Flight Info live <flight number> Will return info on a live flight
Briefing brief <icao> Shows info, raw metar and taf and charts for the selected icao
Vac charts vac <icao> Link for vfr charts (only in France)
Zulu and UTC time zulu Will return the hour in UTC time and Zulu time
Runway Slope Calculator slope <threshold alt> <thr2 alt> <rwy lenght (fts)> Will give you the slope of the runway to be entered in an aircraft fmc
Vatsim Dep/Arr at Icao vat <icao> Will return all the pilots departing and arriving at the requested icao
Vatsim Info on a Pilot/Atc vatpilot <callsign> Will return infos for a callsign on the Vatsim Network
Unit converter convert <value> <unit_in> <unit_out> Will convert values for you (see .help convert for more info)
Invite invite Will give you the link to add the bot to your server
Change Prefixes: changeprefix <prefix> (Admin) Changes the prefix

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Really useful bot, easy to configure.