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A relatively simple to use bot for Vampire the Masquerade games, features include rolling/reroll dice and a quick reference to disciplines






The rolling feature of the bot takes up to three numbers for pool, hunger, and difficulty. Any text is free to add and will be ignored by the bot for the functionalities. ?roll [pool] [optional | hunger] [optional | diff] is the general syntax. Though this is also allowed: ?roll [pool] [optional | hunger] some text here pool is required, all others are optional Rerolling works by clicking the emoji underneath. The bot will ask you for up to three numbers. If these are in the "pool" the bot will reroll them for you. Just type up to three numbers when the bot asks. aliases: 'r', 'v5', 'dice'

the discipline lookup follows the following syntax: ?discipline [optional | disciplineName] [optional | power] any names that have more than one word require " quotation marks around them. So for example "Auspex" would look like this: ?discipline Auspex but "Blood sorcery" would look like this: ?discipline "Blood Sorcery" This works the same for powers. example: ?discipline Auspex "Heightened Senses" Aliases: 'd', 'disc', 'power'

help (?halp) command will currently only show available commands. Later this will show syntax aswell

The Character tracker requires the user to have manage messages permissions. This is because of server managing reasons in the RP type this bot is meant for. Those users can use this command as follows: ?character new to create a new tracker message ?character [clan / sect] [optional | sect / clan / number] [optional | number] to add characters to the tracker

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