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hi, i'm the cutty sark, a clipper ship. you can use me to create message clips of messages that you send often.


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cutty sark is a bot to create message clips. a message clip is a custom response to a message that someone might send often. for example, if you create a clip called hi that contains hello, any time anyone writes the name of that clip into chat, the bot will respond with hello. you can use this to respond to common questions or phrases, but also to quickly pull up fun text or images.

adding cutty sark to your server will surely add a lot of spice to your conversations.

by default, the bot will only respond to clips if you use the bot's prefix before the name, like ;hi, but you can disable that in the settings command. use the help command to see a list of commands and a description of the bot's features. leave us a review and vote us up if you've enjoyed using cutty sark.

thanks for sailing with us!

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