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An all-purpose bot with a music player, powerful moderation tools, giveaway hosting, an EXCLUSIVE Demon Slayer game!

An all purpose bot to easily host giveaways, vibe with music on VCs, mess around with image manipulation, moderate your servers and contains an exclusive Demon Slayer game!

Detailed info on what you can do with Atla!

  • Host Giveaways ! - Robust, Compact and Useful giveaway hosting command, with custom preferences like number of winners, duration etc. !
  • Detailed Information - View detailed information about users and your servers !
  • Music Player - Play music on your server VCs, with many features like queues, pause/resume and more !  
  • Powerful Moderation Tools to manage your server ! - Conveniently delete messages, kick or ban members, easily lock and unlock channels, mute members and much more !
  • Detailed, MASSIVE, One-Of-A-Kind Fun Demon Slayer Themed Game ! - Mine, Forge, Fight, Go on missions, Open Loot Crates, Collect and Use Slayer Moves, Travel up the ranks to become a Hashira !
  • Fun Image Generation Commands - Cool, funny memes-anime etc. related image generation commands !

NEW - Slash Commands - You can now use selected commands by simply typing "/" and selecting a command !

Invite the bot to your servers by clicking here

To get started, use t help  !

To view a list of commands use t commandlist - Where you can find detailed info on each command, its aliases and usage syntax!

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CategoryCommands Available
General & All Purpose help - Displays a help menu !
commandlist- Lists all available commands with their syntax and aliases
info- Gives detailed info on various categories
ping - Returns the bot's latency
userinfo - Displays detailed info on a user
serverinfo - Displays detailed info about your server
avatar- View your or someone else's avatar
Moderation Toolsclear - Deletes a number of messages in a channel
kick - Kicks a member from your server
ban - Bans a member from your server
unban - Lifts a ban from a previousy banned user
mute - Mutes a member and prevents them from sending messages
tempmute - Mutes a member and prevents them from sending messages for a finite duration
snipe - Displays the last deleted message with any attachments such as images
lock - Locks a channel preventing users from sending messages in it
unlock - Unlocks a locked channel
lockdown - Locks all channels in your server
removelockdown - Unlocks all locked channels and ends the server lockdown
warn* - Coming Soon
Music join - Makes the bot join a VC
play - Searches and plays a song
pause - Pauses the currently playing track
resume - Resumes the currently paused track
queue- View the song track queue for the server VC
nowplaying - Displays the currently playing track
stop - Stops the currently playing track and clears the queue
skip- Skips to the next track with a voting system
forceskip - Forcefully skips to the next track
leave - Disconnects the bot from a VC
Demon Slayer Gamebalance - View your balance
profile - View your level, Slayer Corps Rank, bag and wallet stats and much more
level - View your level progress in a rank card
bag - View the items in your bag
daily - Claim your daily reward
shop - View all 3 shops here
wistshop - No Longer Available (merged under shop
crateshop - No Longer Available (merged under shop
buy - Buy an item from the shop
sell - Sell an item from your bag
forge - View the forge menu or forge an item
crate - Open a loot crate from your bag or instantly purchase and open one
mine1 - Explore Mine 1 for items
mine2 - Explore Mine 2 for items (Requires Level 3)
mine3 - Explore Mine 3 for items (Requires Level 5)
mine4 - Explore Mine 4 for items (Requires Level 8)
mine5 - Explore Mine 5 for items (Requires Level 10)
mine6 - Explore Mine 6 for items (Requires Level 13)
missions* Coming Soon
mymoves* - Coming Soon
challenge* - Coming Soon
use* - Coming Soon
Fun Image Generation drip- Make someone drip with a supreme jacket !
wasted - Waste someone GTA style
lowquality - Make your profile pic low res !
raisedthatboy - Uses the "i raised that boy" meme
omaewamoushindeiru - Uses the "You Are Already Dead" meme
nezukorun - Uses the "Nezuko Chibi Run" meme
Giveawaysgiveaway - Starts a giveaway with the preferences specified
reroll - Rerolls and chooses a new winner from an ended giveaway

* = Command not available yet. Coming Soon

Many more commands coming soon and work in progress - Frequent bug fix updates, and continuous efforts to improve ease-of-access !

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