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Narutoverse multiplayer Discord game! Collect cards and setup dream team! Bijū, missions, fishing, quests, gear, leaderboards, levels!


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Over 170 characters in the game! Will you collect them all?! Earn ryō, use it to recruit Naruto characters or buy gear and then setup your dream team.
Defeat powerful enemy teams in The Tower or challenge your friends a duel and rank in over 10 global leaderboards from various aspects of the game!


  • n help - Renders event details.
  • n start - Creates your account to begin the ninja road!
  • n mission - Sends your team on a mission. You get ryō for missions.
  • n report - Performs a report. Extra ryō.
  • n profile - Shows your statistics and info.
  • n quests - Shows all quests and your progress.
  • n cooldown - Shows cooldowns for all activities.
  • n pull - Recruits a random ninja for ryō.
  • n team - Team management.
  • n top - Look up the best players in various leaderboards!
  • n list - Shows a gallery of your ninjas.
  • n listb/listbv - Shows a list/gallery of your biju.
  • n all - Shows all obtainable ninjas.
  • n shop - Opens shop.
  • n inventory - Shows all your items.
  • n equip - Equips the item.
  • n event - Event details.
  • n biju - Pick up a fight with legendary tailed beasts!

April Event - Sponsored by Void#2002 (ends on 30th April 23:59 UTC)!

Goal: Complete the most missions during April, place in the top ranks of leaderboard (n top event) and win rewards!

Conditions: Only missions performed on the Naruto Botto Official server count (join server). Your success rate during the month has to be above 75% - this treshold serves to eliminate possible cheaters.


  • 1st place - permanent Anbu rank (80€ worth)
  • 2nd place - permanent Jonin rank (40€ worth)
  • 3rd place - permanent Chunin rank (20€ worth)
  • All players who place in the top ten will receive exclusive title - "The Grinder" (upcoming feature)

Checkout some basic Naruto Botto gameplay here!

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