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Cosmos is an advanced multi-purpose discord bot with over 100 commands, currently under development.






Problems with intents

Until Cosmos gets verified by discord, no new updates to the bot will be public and some commands may not work. This is due to the bot's lack of intents access, which allows us to get a server's member list. Sorry for these issues.



An advanced multi-purpose bot with over 100 commands for your every Discord need. Whether you own a public server with thousands of members or a 50 member hangout, Cosmos is guaranteed to enhance your discord experience.

The bot is currently under development and new commands are being added to it all the time. Website and dashboard coming soon!


  • 馃毃 Moderation: Powerful, fully-logged commands such as mute, kick, ban and warn to assist your staff.

  • 馃 Automod (beta): Protect your server at all times from spam, advertising and swearing (accessible with .config)

  • 馃槀 Fun: Entertaining commands such as 8ball, would-you-rather and text-to-speech to engage your community.

  • 馃挼 Economy: An advanced multi-server currency system, with income boosting and buffs/debuffs.

  • 馃攳 Search: A variety of search commands to find anything from anime characters to osu profiles.

  • 馃敭 Image: Extensive image manipulation such as fake minecraft achievements, jailed members and Trump tweets.

  • 馃挆 Social: A wide range of roleplaying gifs such as hug, kiss, and slap to express yourself in chat.

  • 馃幍 Music: High-quality music commands, fitted with a song searcher, lyrics finder and music filters.

  • 鈿欙笍 Utility: Detailed utility commands such as whois, serverinfo and snipe to display any stat you need.

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