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$help | 7 Guilds

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NorCal Bot is provided to you by FTC Team 7303 RoboAvatars. You can use the bot by DMing it at NorCal Bot #4383 or by joining the FTC Discord or NorCal Discord servers.

NorCal Bot is a Discord bot that allows NorCal FTC team members to:

  1. look at NorCal competition data.
  2. look at which teams have agreed to the NorCal FTC Fair Play agreement.
  3. look at competition registration for specific teams.
  4. participate in community events.
  5. use meme commands.
  6. and much more!

The information delivered from this bot is from NorCal FTC, FIRST API, and FTC Stats API. The bot may not always provide the most up-to-date information. This bot is meant solely for convenience purposes. If you are looking for accurate, updated data, use the sources listed above.

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