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The best bot you will ever find in discord! This bot aims to be better than commonly used bots, MEE6, & Carl-bot.



Instagram Page!

Hello everyone, it's dbrocks here! I wanted to announce that we officially have an Instagram page for support/info/partnership & etc. You can find the link of my bot's IG page in my bot's top.gg page or you can find it below. https://www.instagram.com/dbrocksbot/


The best bot you will ever find in discord! This bot aims to be better than commonly used bots, MEE6 or Carl-bot, but it already's better! This is a multi-purpose bot, used for everything,you name it, moderation, memes, and more! This bot has many various helpful, cool, funny, and genral commands to use!

We are currently in the making of a game, this game will include various features, just wait for the game's shoutout day, and trust me the wait is worth it!

This bot is straightforward to use, use "=help" & "=intro'" for all the commands & the introduction from the bot!

Our Current Features Include (We are making more commands daily!):

  1. This bot can warn, mute, kick, softban and can also ban.

  2. This bot is the best moderation you can ever find, it also has auto-mod feature!

  3. This bot has very funny commands, such as the dumbscale, funnyscale and more!

  4. This bot also features a game, but it's currently in progess.

  5. This bot also includes memes, you can either create your own meme, or enjoy the bot's meme.

  6. This bot also features an leveling system, just like MEE6, but way better!

  7. This bot also features an auto role feature, which is pretty cool!

This bot also includes a premium feature, you can either buy, or be gifted premium from the founder or the moderator's for free!

We also have a instagram for support/info/partnership, click on the link below. You can either contact by DMing us or by using the email provided in the account. Also make sure to drop a follow.

Link: https://www.instagram.com/dbrocksbot/

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