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TechBot is a small, multipurpose Discord bot with some cool, unique features like a text responder, music info, slur detector and more!






Features include:

  • A text responder

    • You can add words/phrases that TechBot will respond to with a specified response.
  • A music module

    • You specify a music channel.
    • TechBot will use the Spotify API to pull song/album/artist/playlist information and display it.
    • YouTube support is on its way.
  • A slur detection module

    • You specify a moderation channel.
    • TechBot will delete detected messages and create a ticket in the moderation channel.
    • You can react to the ticket and TechBot will either ban, warn, or apologise to the user.
  • A welcome module

    • You specify the welcome channel and message.
    • When a user joins the guild, TechBot will send the custom message to the channel.

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