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Unique moderation/server logging system that incorporates moderation warnings. Auto Join roles.


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Say hi to Vivi! The kind but smug siren.

Hi, my name is Vivi - a siren as pretty as can be - and I'm your server's new moderation bot! With automatic server logging, private notifications to users, and customizable levels of punishment, I easily outclass any other moderation bot in functionality, usability, stability, and adorability.

And Discord's default moderation tools? Psssh, I ate Wumpus on the way over here.

Vivi is a moderation bot (inspired by Luca from the DBL server!) made to help servers efficiently and easily moderate themselves!

Benefits include:

Moderation Logs

Vivi automatically logs any moderator actions made to a designated text channel, separate to Discord's internal moderation tools.
This easily accessible and searchable record allows your server staff to:
  -Easily browse previous moderator actions
  -Add/Edit reasons for actions with case numbers automatically applied to each moderator action
  -See when mutes on users have expired

Server Logs

Vivi will automatically log and record any message made on a publicly accessible channel in your Discord, which includes:
  -Message creation
  -Message editing
  -Message deletion

Easy Bot Customization

Vivi can be customized to your server's specific needs, all with simple configure commands that those with guild manage permissions.
These changes include:
  -Bot prefix for commands
  -Warn expiration time in days
  -Maximum warns allowed before a user is automatically banned by the bot
  -Custom ban messages
  -Server log channel
  -Moderation log channel
  -Whitelisted channels (will not be logged by Vivi)

Your servers default configuration

Vivi comes with default settings (seen to the right) which can be changed by any user that has MANAGE_GUILD permissions, to ensure that only trusted individuals are allowed access into Vivi's high level permissions. Vivi is easily configured with command lines to change her log channels, maximum warns allowed before automatic banning, ban message, and guild prefix.
Config settings are easily setup through command lines and can be changed at any time.

The basics

Vivi will automatically log any messages sent, edited, and deleted on non-whitelisted channels (Vivi will also attempt to cache any images or videos attached to messages). Each log will provide the user's Discord tag, the time and date of posting, which text channel the message was posted in, and provides a hyperlink to easily jump to the logged message.
Users can be warned, muted, kicked, or banned by either a mention or User ID (available through enabling Discord's Developer Mode).
When mod action is made against a user, that user will receive a DM (if they allow DMs) of the action and the provided reason. If this reason is updated by a moderator the user will also be updated via DM.
Warn histories for specific users can be checked with a mention/User ID. A ✅ emote states that a warn is still active and a ❌ emote states that a warn has expired. Expired warns do not count towards the server's configured maximum warns allowed, but will remain listed (unless removed).
Warns will remain on record even if the user is no longer a member of the server. Because Vivi doesn't forget.

Checking a users warnings will show the time they were warned, the warn ID on the left indicated by the # sign and the mod that issued the warn.
Do you want to welcome your users with a sweet calming banner? Use one of two default designs!

Mod log system and how to use it

Warnings, mod logs and changing reasons

Vivi's greatest power lies within her ability to automatically log any moderator actions made with her. The moderator log lists what action was taken, the time and date of the action, the user affected, the moderator that issued it, and an associated "Case ID" which is used to either edit the reasons of an action or remove it. This allows your server moderators to record evidence of server misdeeds for easy viewing by both other moderators and the affected user.

All mods logs(cases) will show the type in the top left of the embed. The user that is being acted on and the moderator that carried out that action.

For example, say a user evades Vivi's banned word filter, to which you warn them for. What if you need to provide proof?

Inside your mod logs channel you can easily edit any reason for an existing action through its Case ID (the number indicated by the # sign in the moderator logs). It's recommended to use to free image hosting site to easily show evidence to both other moderators and affected users.
If someone is continuing to be a nuisance on your server even after you warn them, slap a mute down and shut them up real quick! My mute system applies a server role to users that - after setting up your mute permissions - will not only keep people from messaging in channels, but also removes their access to the channels entirely!
It’s just like a temporary ban! No more reaction spamming from muted users!

The default mute time is an hour, but mod commands will let you specify the time in minutes, hours, or days. Users will be notified of their mute, the reason, and the duration. My moderation logs also records when mutes expire for easy reference.

Server Configuration

<> = required arguments | [] = optional arguments

Command Examples Description
v.config v.config Show the configuration for the server.
v.config prefix <new prefix> v.config prefix ! Change the servers prefix.
v.config join <add | remove | list> <name | id> v.config join add 781062380934266901
v.config join add Member
v.config join remove 781062380934266901
v.config join list
Add or remove a role that will be given to any user that joins the server. You can view the roles being given out with the list option.
v.config word <add | delete> <word> v.config word delete uwu
v.config word delete owo, 0w0, o3o
v.config word add uwu
v.config word add owo, 0w0, o3o
Add or delete a word or list of words for the banned words filter list.
v.config banmsg <msg sent to banned users> v.config banmsg You've been bad! Get out! Set the message that gets sent to users right before they're banned.
v.config logs <mod | server> <#channel | ID> v.config logs mod #mod-logs
v.config logs mod 773580650255089675
v.config logs server #server-logs
Set specific log channels
v.config mute <@role | id | none> v.config mute @Muted
v.config mute 750488381070245949
v.config mute none
Set the mute role for Vivi to use. If you use 'none' then Vivi will remove it from the config.
v.config warnexpire <# days in range 1-30> v.config warnexpire 5 Set how long it takes for a users warn to expire and no longer be considered as a bannable offence.
v.config maxwarns <# in range 1-10> v.config maxwarns 5 Set how many active warns a user is allowed to have, their next warn would be their ban.
v.config whitelist <add | remove> <#channel | ID> v.config whitelist add #mod-chat
v.config whitelist remove #general
v.config whitelist add 773580650255089675
Whitelist channels you don't want Vivi keeping server logs of.
v.config listwords v.config listwords This will send all the banned words in a spoiler tag.
v.config setup v.config setup If Vivi failed to generate your servers config run this command to fix it.
Can only be run once if the server doesn't have a config.
v.config banner <left | center> v.config banner center
v.config banner left
Display Vivi's welcome banners! There are currently only two default ones. A left avatar, or a center avatar.
v.config welcome <add | remove> <#channel | channel-id> v.config welcome add #welcome
v.config welcome add 773580650255089675
v.config welcome remove
By default vivi doesn't have a welcome channel for you. You use this command to tell Vivi which channel to use when welcoming users with a banner.

Moderation Commands

<> = required arguments | [] = optional arguments

Command Examples Description
v.ban <@user | ID> <reason> v.ban @Panku For being stinky
v.ban 125492204234997761 Was rude to me
Ban a user by mention or ID
v.checkwarns <@user | ID> [active] v.checkwarns @Panku @Panku active
Check a users warning history. If you want to view only their active warns pass active after mention/ID.
Use a user id to get warn history even after the user is gone!
v.kick <@user | ID> <reason> v.kick @Panku Get out!
v.k @Panku Cya punk.
Kick a user from the server.
v.mute <@user | ID> <reason> | <#[(m)inutes/(h)ours/(d)ays/(w)eeks/(y)ears]> v.mute @Panku Annoying users in VC | 3d
v.mute @Panku Disruptive | 1d
Mute a user for any given time. If you don't pass a time the user will be default muted for an hour.
v.purge <# of messages> v.purge 10 Class purge messages command.
v.reason <case ID> <new reason> [ | <#[(h)ours/(d)ays/(w)eeks/(m)onths/(y)ears]> ] v.reason 12 Making users uncomfortable
v.reason 12 Disruptive in VC! | 3d
v.r 12 Changing warn reason!!
This command can only be ran in the configured mod-logs channel. It allows you to reword mod logs(cases). You get the requried case id from the message embeds.
If you need to change a mute duration you can do that too by using the same time format as the mute command.
v.say [#channel] <words to say> v.say #announcements New update incoming!
v.say Hey guys!
Basic say command, if given a channel (anywhere in the command) Vivi will send the message there.
v.unban <ID> <reason> v.unban 125492204234997761 Appealed their ban! Classic unban command.
v.unmute <@user | ID> <reason> v.unmute @Panku Apologized for being loud in VC. Unmute a muted user.
v.unwarn <warn ID> <reason> v.unwarn 1337 Was a mistake Remove a warn offence from a users warnings. Get its ID from v.checkwarns command.
v.warn <@user | ID> <reason> v.warn @Panku Not listening after verbal warning Warn a user to kep track of their warnings. Check their current warnings with v.checkwarns. If a user surpasses the servers max warns setting they get automatically banned.

General Commands

<> = required arguments | [] = optional arguments

Command Examples Description
v.avatar [@user | id] v.avatar
v.avatar @Panku
v.avatar 125492204234997761
Grab a users avatar. Command alias is 'ava'. If no user ID is given or user mentioned it'll send your avatar!
v.botstatus v.botstatus Sends general info about how manyt servers the bot'sF in. [config | mod | general] general
Given one of the 3 arguments Vivi will give you detailed commands for each category.
v.status v.status Basic info about the server.
v.userinfo [@user | ID] v.userinfo @Panku
v.userinfo 125492204234997761
Get info for a users account along with how many warnings they have and a list of the active warns.

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