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This bot is a simple fun, moderation, and anime bot.



this bot is homemade! and its also 24/7.

commands: Mod comamnds: i$ban (bans the tagged user!) i$kick (kicks the mentioned user!) regular comamnds: i$avatar (shows the avatar of the mentioned user and your one if no mentions!) i$help (prints this text) i$servers (send a message incuding the support server and more!) i$Github (sends a link to my GitHub) i$invite (Sends an invite link to add my bot to ur server) i$say (this says the message that you typed!) i$sinfo (Sends the server's info!) Fun comamnds i$battledroid (This is a StarWars refrance!) i$fruits (reacts to your message with fruits!) i$sadness (sends a message and a picture) i$bump (bumps your server!) i$anime (sends a random anime picture!) i$snow (This sends a snow GIF and a message!) i$happygif (sends a happy anime GIF!) i$hug (Hugs the mentioned user!) i$waifu (sends a random picture of a waifu!) i$meme (sends a meme.) i$cookie (gives the member you mentioned a cookie!) i$hug (Sends a HUG gif!) i$slap (Slaps the user you mentioned!)

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