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Customization Update Part 1!

Part 1 of the customization update is finally here! This update includes the brand new set-cooldown, and set-payout commands! More information about these commands can be found in the u[dated descripting of the bot, or in the help command. Part 2 will contain custom fail rates for the rob command, which will come out soon. After part 2 of the customization, a shop update is planned.



The economy features of this bot include work, rob, pay, top, bal, with, and dep. More coming soon!

There are a few extra commands like help, kick, ban, prefix, clear, and ping. Details for these commands are listed below

Help - Shows the list of commands

Work - Command used to gain a random amount of money.

Rob - Allows you to forcibly steal money from someone's. Cannot rob money from someone's bank. 20% success rate, and 80% fail rate. 300 second cooldown. Ssuccess/fail rates will be customizable in the future.

Pay - Allows you to give someone your money from your cash on hand.

Top - Shows the people with the most total money.

Bal - Shows your money on hand, how much you have in your bank, and shows your total amount of money.

With - Withdraws your money in your bank.

Dep - Deposit your money in hand to your bank.

Set-Cooldown - Allows you to change the cooldown for work, or rob! Manage Server, or Administrator permissions required.

Set-Payout - Allows you to change the minimum, and maximum possible money gained from work. Manage Server, or Administrator permissions required.

Kick - Kicks the specific user from the server. Kick Members permission required.

Clear - Clears the specific amount of messages asked. Manage Server, and Manage Messages required.

Ban - Bans the specific user from the server. Ban Members permission required.

Prefix - Changes the prefix used for commands. Manage Server permission required.

Ping - Shows the delay of the bot's commands in Miliseconds.

If you have any issues with EcoBot, you can join our support server below, and we may assist you.

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