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It has no prefix
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About ShinChan

ShinChan is an AI chatbot just like cathy but free and as it doesnt has a prefix . For using it you have to create a channel and you can name it anything you can name the channel anything but the channel name must contain shinchan in it and I will only chat in that channel . After creating the channel just start chatting as you do with your friends like you can start by saying Hey or Hi The bot sometimes replies very random things which makes it funny and it is totally free.

If any bugs found please tell in the comments below.


!h or !help for the list of fun commands

some commands as a preview

ShinChan a gif command !gif when only used !gif it sends shinchan related gifs.You can also search other gifs like !gif dog

He also has a meme command !meme which sends awesome memes

8Ball command - !8b <question> which can give answers to the questions you ask

!aki - The akinator game command

I hope you enjoy with the bot. Thank you

If any requests or bugs found DM me my user name is Harry Potter #9999.


ShinChan is now a verified bot and can be invited into infinite servers so now you can have fun with it.

If some features arent working then most probably shinchan lacks some permissions so the best thing is you can reinvite shinchan

Support server (just click support server word)

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