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MeeT is the best entertainment robot you will find here! We offer more than 100 different - Entertainment, Image Processing, Games, Music






Hey passerby, check out MeeT MeeT is a multi-purpose fun bot which provides you a TON of various commands to make your server better! 😉 We provide over 100 different Fun, Image Manipulation, Music, Mini-Game commands!

😏 The best Entertainment bot you'll find on all of Top.gg!

❓ Fast 24/7 support on our Support Server, we got you!

🎉 95% Uptime!

Why Captan? 😃 MeeT increases YOUR server activity

🎧 Music on top of entertainment? What a combination!

📷 Image Manipulation! What is better than having a laugh with your buddies!?

🤔 New commands being added daily

Get started now! :D Invite Captan to your own server! Join the Captan Support Discord Server!

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