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Fun Bot 24/7 hours My bot has some features and It is classified into

-General 1-invites 2-members 3-avatar 4-avatar server 5-user 6-short 7-trans 8-calc

-Games 1-candor game (personal questions + Questions for girls and Questions for young people) 2-Roll (Choose a random number) 3-And also a stone, paper and scissors game 4-8ball 5-cut 6-reverse 7-8ball 8-tag 9-hack 10-die 11-howgay 12-love

13-xo xo

-funny with image


2-slap slap 3-trash trash 4-delete delete 5-wanted wanted 6-rip RIP 7-poutine poutine 8-discordblack discordblack 9-bobross bobross 10-mms mms 11-jail jail 12-bluer blue 13-gay gay 14-kiss kiss 15-wasted wasted 16-shit shit

-Random images dog ,cat ,hug ,kiss ,-slap ,cry ,waifu ,smug ,punch ,-pat ,neko

-advanced 1-It can show the number of invitations 2-It can count the number of members in the server 3-He can show server bots and mention it 4-There is an advantage to contact me via an order prefix+Contact To add modifications, add more games, and update questions specific to candor game 5-It has an avatar feature 6-use "user" for user info 7-avatar anyone (id, mention)

-mod prefix reset ,setprefix ,move all ,role ,hide ,show ,lock ,unlock

All this and more try it now

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