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Peacekeeper is designed for the game Rust by Facepunch Studios. It offers many features and tools that are useful to server owners in particular, which make their daily admin life easier.

Discord Server

Players Lookup

Lookup Steam profiles of suspicious cheaters, their logs, Battlemetrics IDs, historic names, VAC status, community, and EAC bans.

>check [Steam ID]

Players Lookup

Wipe Countdowns

Tired of answering 'wens wipe' questions?
Peacekeeper got your back! Set the time remaining for your server wipes and let Peacekeeper handles the rest for you.

>countdown [Server]

Wipe Countdown

Server Pop

With a simple command, you can preserve your server resources and extra costs that you waste on plugins and hosting third party bots.


Server Pop

Server Map

Players can easily check the currently used map with a command.

>map [Server]

Server Map

Plugins Search

Search uMod plugins easily and quickly.

>plugin [Keyword]

Plugins Search

Server IP

Avoid the frequent questions about server IP by this command.


Server IP

Item Search

Search the rust items list and get items information easily, such as items' shortnames and IDs.

>item [Keyword or ID]

Item Search


1 How to limit the commands usage to specific group or channel?

By using the command config grant @role #channel

2 How to add my Battlemetrics server?

By using the command config server [Server Name] [Server ID]
Example: config server Facepunch 9096200

3 How to disable specific commands?

By using the command config [Command Name] [true or false] The commands which can be disabled are: map ip pop

4 What's the date format used for countdowns?

[Day] [Month] [Year] [Time]
22 Dec 2020 18:30:00

5 What timezone the countdowns are based on?

All countdowns are based on GMT timezone.

6 How to find my Battlemetrics server ID?

To get your server ID, search it on Battlemetrics ( and take the last number of the URL (9096200).

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