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A unique multipurpose bot mainly focusing on image generation and manipulation




The Ultimate image-manipulation discord bot:

  • features around 200 image manipulation, processing, generation and detection commands

    • from basic image filters such as
      greyscale, invert, emboss, contour, blur, sharpen, smooth, bold, unbold and more...
    • Computer Vision commands such as
      edge | corner | color | face and eye detection | image comparision
    • Many color map filters such as
      gamma, hsv, viridis, ocean, magma, solarize, cartoonify and many more...
    • fun (memey) image generation commands such as
      meme gen [many templates to choose from], caption, custom pornhub|supreme logos, mc text gen, yt, ph, twitter post gens and more... windows blue screen, wanted, rip, jail and more...
    • image effects such as pixelate, ascii, charcoal, magik, stringify, paint, burn, comic, implode, swirl, oil and many more...
    • GIF generation commands such as bounce, pat, bonk, bomb, spin, sketch, neon, stretch, flash, drop and more...
    • image overlays such as pride flags, rainbow, disco, fog, communism, tint|recolor and more...
    • text gen: scramble gif, typing gif, wordcloud, code image, ascii-text and more... TOTAL: 200

  • Aside from Image mnaipulation the bot also offers other useful utility commands:

    1. A full tags system with custom formatting options
    2. A full Music system similar to groovy
    3. Many Fun-Game commands such as tictactoe, connect-4, Akinator, typerace, chess, hangman, 2048 etc....
    4. A full set of graphing commands to plot different types ofgraphs based on provided data-points OR equations
    5. Open code execution for hundreds of programming languages
    6. Info & other utility commands
    7. LaTeX equation image rendering
    8. (A very basic economy system which is still a WIP)

TOTAL: ~250 commands

im!invite - invite im!support - support im!help - help

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