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CleverChat | An AI Powered Chat Bot for your Discord Server


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• Customizable Behaviour •
• New Updates Rapidly •
• 99.99% uptime, Online 24/7 and friendly, quick to respond support staff •
• Community Driven Bot - Your suggestion matters •

How do I use CleverChat?

You can use !help to display the commands available for CleverChat
You can chat with it even in Direct Messages!

New Feature You can now enable Voice Chat AI, to do this, simply use the command !voicechat <enable/disable> <voice channel id> <language>. A list of langauges can be found by using !language.

To set up the bot to work in only one channel, you must set it up using !setup after which it will only work in the channel specified.

First time users will get a dm from the bot regarding the bot. It will contain information about how to report an abusive messages bot.

What is CleverChat?

CleverChat is an AI powered Chatbot for your server. It will talk t he way you like. It's meant to be user friendly and be family friendly meaning it shouldn't
curse words. CleverChat is always developing, meaning that things are always fixed.
CleverChat tries to be friendly and loves when people talk to it.
We are always open to suggestions for CleverChat!

Note: A Reminder Message is sent after every 80messages reminding about how to report messages sent by the bot.

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