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Kohaku is a bot focused on general commands and social interactions. It has a built-in AI which you can talk to!






Kohaku is an indie one-man developed bot focused on chatting, conversations and general social/fun stuff.The main command of Kohaku is +chat. This command is tied to a AI neural network which by itself responds to any question/text you type! This could be useful for math, facts, weather, and similar questions!

Gain XP by chatting in any server Kohaku is in! The leaderboard is global, and not server based.

Here's a list of all current commands: (more to come)

Main commands: General help | Usage: +help AI Chat | Usage: +chat Enlarge emoji | Usage: +enlarge User avatar | Usage: +avatarBot Latency | Usage: +ping User rank | Usage: +rank Leaderboard | Usage: +levels

Fun commands: Random meme | Usage: +meme Cute images | Usage: +cute 8ball | Usage: +8ball TicTacToe | Usage: +ttt

Economy: Balance | Usage: +bal Daily Nekoms | Usage: +daily Gambling | Usage: +gamble Pay user | Usage: +pay

Post feedback/suggestions in the support server or if you have any questions! All help is appriciated

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