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Earthling is a multi-purpose Discord bot that has many features, including pets, to keep your server moderated and enjoyable!




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Le Diamant

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Earthling is now verified! Thank you all for being patient, you can now invite it.


Earthling is a multi-purpose Discord bot that includes many features which can help improve your server with our fun and moderation commands. Earthling has an easy and clean auto plus manual moderation system which allows you to keep your rules in check.

Earthling also has a public economy system and many commands to allow you to become rich! Currency syncs between servers, so no need to earn everything on other servers again!

Earthling Includes:

• Manual and Auto-Moderation commands. 🛡️

• Economy and Gambling commands. 💰

• Pets and trading commands. 🐶

• Punishment and Ban Appealing commands. 📝

• And much more! ⚙️

Earthling and its team are constantly upgrading, fixing bugs, and listening to your feedback, so you can always guarantee that your suggestions are read! Make sure to join our support server so you can join our growth, you mean so much to us! Along with this, we make sure every user is happy, from our list of the content above, you have much to choose from! If you would like to choose somewhere, economy and pets are Earthlings community favourite, and sync through to every server too!

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